Conservation Frontline:

Nearly 100 years ago, the first warnings went out: in the face of increased poaching and habitat loss, the panther tigris was facing extinction. Today, we see that the species is indeed heading for that tragic end. Conservative estimates show a 15-20 year count-down until tigers and lions in the wild are extinct. For updated research, see the National Geographic article on big cats:
Cedar Cove is dedicated to rescuing and caring for these animals and educating the public about their long history and precarious future. 
Our tours provide an interactive education for each and every visitor. Trained guides provide information about each animal’s species, original geographic location, current habitats, hunting habits, and many other facts. In addition, visitors are encouraged to ask questions. 
Our education center provides an interactive education for visitors and students who wish to learn more about these exotic big cats. Visitors are encouraged to make use of the books, DVDs, and other reference materials, and staff are happy to work with educators to provide materials about the animals and conservation project